Experience luxurious warmth and energy efficiency with hydronic heating.

Elevate your heating to the next level of comfort with evenly distributed warmth and a healthier option for your space. At Brendon Harris Hydronics, we guarantee quality gas and solar-based heating solutions, along with designer radiator panels and in-slab & underfloor heating

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    Experts in Hydronic Heating Mornington Peninsula

    At Brendon Harris Hydronics, we specialize in hydronic heating, an effective, cost-efficient, and allergy-safe heating method. We take pride in delivering quality installations that exceed your expectations. Our services include underfloor heating, in-slab heating, designer panel radiators, heated towel rails, gas-fired burners, and wood fire burners. Hydronic Heating is silent & reduces allergens in the air, making it an eco-friendly choice for your heating needs. One of the few companies that manage hydronic heating and plumbing.


    Hydronic heating provides a comfortable, even warmth throughout a space without the drafts or noise associated with forced-air systems.


    Hydronic heating systems are highly efficient, as they use water to transfer heat, which requires less energy than air, saving you money.

    Health benefits

    Hydronic heating doesn't blow allergens and dust around the house, making it a healthier option for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

    Our hydronic heating services

    Brendon Harris Hydronics under floor heating under timber floor hydronic
    Underfloor Hydronic Heating

    Hydronic Underfloor Heating uses hot water to warm your home through pipes beneath the floor, ideal for tile, stone & floorboards

    In Slab Hydronic Heating

    In-slab heating systems use hot water pipes or electric wires/coils laid in concrete to provide efficient heating for concrete floors

    Designer Radiator Panels

    Our Designer Radiator Panels offer a stylish and beautiful modern design, while combining efficiency and functionality

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