Hydronic Panel Radiators

Hydronic Heating Radiator panels

Hydronic Panel Radiators

Efficiently Warm Your Space with Panel Radiator Hydronic Heating

Brendon Harris Hydronics provides high-quality Panel Radiators that offer sizing flexibility with exceptional quality. Our extensive range of Panel Radiators includes various heights, widths, and convector options to accommodate your specific needs.

Panel Radiators work by generating radiated heat that directly emits from the panel and convected heat that circulates by drawing in cool air through the radiator and passing it over the fins to heat the air. This process enhances the panel’s performance, making it an ideal choice for heating rooms with high ceilings as the convected heat can heat the entire room.

Our team at Brendon Harris Hydronics will assist you in accurately calculating the heat requirements for each individual room, ensuring that the desired temperature is achieved. Choose our Panel Radiators for optimal heating solutions that cater to your needs.


Some key features of Panel Radiator Hydronic Heating include:

  1. Sizing flexibility with an extensive range of heights, widths, and convector options.
  2. The ability to generate radiated and convected heat for optimal performance and comfort.
  3. Ideal for heating rooms with high ceilings as the convected heat can heat the entire room.
  4. Accurate calculation of heat requirements for each individual room for precise temperature control.
  5. Exceptional quality for long-lasting and reliable heating solutions.
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