Trench Hydronic Heating

Trench Hydronic Heating by Brendon Harris Hydronics

Trench Hydronic Heating

Brendon Harris Hydronics provide stylish Underfloor Trench Hydronic Heating – the perfect solution for a comfortable environment all year round.

Trench hydronic heating involves running hot water through pipes that are laid in trenches under the floor and are an effective way to heat your home and living space. It provides a gentle, consistent heat throughout the entire area, with the added benefit of requiring very little maintenance.

Benefits of underfloor Hydronic Trench Heating

  • Distributes heat evenly throughout the home or living space for maximum comfort
  • Highly efficient, can take up to 20% less energy than other heating systems
  • Low cost – installation costs are low compared to other heating systems
  • Quiet operation – no noisy fans or vents!
  • Flexible installation options – can be installed under any floor type including carpets, tiles and hardwood floors.
  • Long lifespan – these systems can last up to 25 years with minimal upkeep required.
  • Safe and clean – hot water pipes are safely hidden away out
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